Step One.

The Pwchi online environment. The pwchi web starts here.

Hi, I’m me, the guy who introduces the Pwchi World to the online environment (for now).

Please, allow us time to “connect the dots” because Pwchi World is a complex one and takes time for us to add content.

Meanwhile, feel free to contribute to Pwchi World, add your knowledge , artwork, insides, discuss on Pwchi Community and let’s show this world, what Pwchies are made off.

This web app is a Pwchin character creator.

Initially the concept was to be able to create avatars (at that that time, only the head was available for “editing”. Time passed and… why not push for more, once I’ve stumbled upon HTML2Canvas (Screenshots with JavaScript) I’ve seen the potential. Without any programming skills (I don’t have experience in javascript/jquery nor any other programming language) I’ve started connecting the dots. SVG graphics were created with Photopea offline version and took me a lot of time. There are a bunch of things which needs to be addressed but my skills kind of served their purpose up to the end. In dev console there are no errors, took me a lot time for debugging, searching, finding and implementing a working solution yet I didn’t give up because around this I’ve started to build an entire environment… The Pwchi Word.

So, if you have suggestions and you’re willing to dive into further developing or making the source even more accessible, feel free to put your skills at work.